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Heres some of the great items for sale at the KCXL Bookstore
call Jonne at 816-847-7100 between the hours of
10:00am - 3:00pm Wednesday - Saturday to Order these
great books.
Freedoms End
Conspiracy in Oklahoma
James D. Nichols the brother of
accused Oklahoma Cuty bomber
Terry Nichols Tells All!
The Demonic Roots of Globalism
by Gary H. Kahn
Claims that the movement toward a one world
government is nothing more than a policy
of deceit and disaster
Where are the Meek?
Presumtuous Laws, The Alchemy of
Money & Interest and other essays
by Barry Leonardini
Abandonment Theology
The Clergy and the Decline of
American Christianity
An Action Guide to save America
by John W. Chalfant
By John Zielinski
Lots of great photographs as the author
treks across the country and looks at how
the Amish at thriving and growing.
Besides all the great books, the KCXL Bookstore also has CD'S, TAPES, DVD'S
daniel Chapter One products, Wallach Products, Sangean Shortwave radios
and many other items

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