History of KCXL

The year was 1967 and a local Liberty businessman George Bedinger got together
with a few of his friends and started a radio station on 1140am as KBIL with a country
music format.
The former owners wife Mrs. Faye Beddinger visited recently and a video of
that event is at YouTube in three parts and you can click the following links to view it




The Bedingers eventually sold KBIL to a owner who later sold it to Strauss-Abernathy Broacasting
who turned KBIL into KFIX 1140 which was billed as a adult contempoary format
but by todays standards it was more middle of the road. At the time it also had a sister FM station
on 106.5FM So  the am's signal was changed back to a country music station as
KFIX 1140 Countryside under the direction of legendary broadcaster Don Rhea

Later the station was sold once again and renamed KLDY known as K-Oldy under the direction of
Keith Harrington. That lasted for a few years when the station was sold once again
and changed to KCXL with a urban contempoary format following The
Rev. Jessie Jacksons push for excellence guidelines. The studios were moved down to 63rd street
in Kansas City and this lasted till around 1991 when the station signed off for the last time.

Enter current Station owner Pete Schartel who bought it from the SBA and brought it back to the air
in 1993 as an OLDIES STATION using the satelite services of Jones Communications
but also had a few local hosts, Dan Donovan, Jim Foster just to name a few.

Also satelite shows like Wolfman Jack.

Later Pete started to phaze out music for talk radio which proved to be very popular with certain
people. Pete stuck it out and it stayed that way till I entered the picture in 2004
and was allowed to start bringing back music at various times. To be sure talk still dominates the schedule.

This history is just a fraction of the story. as time goes by it will be updated and added too.
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