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Our Lady's Peace Prayer Center

America is a very different country than it used to be. We used to be a country of freedom, job, opportunity, and equality. Now, we are a country that looks down upon traditional values. We are a country that puts its citizens second to citizens of other countries. But most importantly, we are a country that, rather than speaking the truth, we hide it, in fear of being "offensive." At KCXL 102.9fm and 1140am, we bring you the truth. We tell you the things that the liberal media wont tell you. We make it our goal to inform our listeners on the issues that matter. We are your information station!

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Currently looking for volunteers to help pray and work on buildings that will be used for a Catholic volunteer retreat center. The Chapel is currently being designed, if you would like to help at the beginning phases of the project please call 816-836-7474.
A children's hands on chapel is the goal of the project.

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