Rosary Rally- NEW EVENT
  October 14, 2023, 12 Noon
  Tarsney Lakes
3009 Beach Drive, Oak Grove, MO, 64075
     Rosary Across America
-Pray for Our  Country


Our Lady's Peace Prayer Center

"Daring to be different everyday."

Please welcome our new shows:

Planning With Purpose

With Don Lueke

Saturday 11AM and 4PM

​Don has many years of experience helping his customers in Kansas City manage and grow their money.

Your Personal Banker

Wednesday afternoon at 5 PM

Learn all about a very safe way to invest and grow your money. Don't gamble with your family's financial security!

Truth Seekers Radio Shows

Wednesday Morning at 10 AM

Do you miss the information and entertainment of Chuck Harder? Host Angeline Marie interviews people you need to hear.

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Currently looking for volunteers to help pray and work on buildings that will be used for a Catholic volunteer retreat center. The Chapel is currently being designed, if you would like to help at the beginning phases of the project please call 816-836-7474.
A children's hands on chapel is the goal of the project.

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America is a very different country than it used to be. We used to be a country of freedom, job, opportunity, and equality. Now, we are a country that looks down upon traditional values. We are a country that puts its citizens second to citizens of other countries. But most importantly, we are a country that, rather than speaking the truth, we hide it, in fear of being "offensive." At KCXL 102.9fm and 1140am, we bring you the truth. We tell you the things that the liberal media wont tell you. We make it our goal to inform our listeners on the issues that matter. We are your information station!

Remove Radio Sputnik   Shut Down KCXL   Cancel Free Speech

These are a (clean) sample of the comments we have received since the reprehensible, inhumane invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. Most comments come from people who have never listened themselves. They don't know that the programs we run during the week are produced in Washington DC by American journalists who jumped at the chance to not be told what to report on by big media and big corporations. They don't recognize that by buying gasoline and products which use rechargable batteries (such as cell phone or electric cars) they have blood on their own hands by giving Russia the money to drop bombs on innocent people.

The only answer is to pray for peace and engage in dialog to find peaceful solutions. This can't happen if free spech is canceled. Right now the biggest threat to America is from those within our own borders who want to stick their heads in the sand and cancel others.